Last Saturday's night was my first time to gather with Brandon Heng (Hong Jie), Camille Tan (Si Yee), Way Chun and Dougles Chong (Bai Hui) 8 years apart after we graduated in Standard 6!!! Although there were just few people attended this gathering, how awesome was it~! Until now, I still couldn't imagine that we sat and chit-chatted in Blogger, Kampung Baru for exatcly 4 hours, but we did!!! ^^ We talked about the school life in primary..what were the games that we usually played, the food in canteen, teachers, studies, 'tablemate', etc. Certainly, current life is much more difference from young one. However, I do enjoy it also. XD

Hmm..this gathering I didn't dare to require them to take photos with me because I scared they'll think that I'm a narcissism. HAHA~ Therefore, there're no photos to share with you all. BUT.....

Memory Of Class Photo, Class K in SJK(c) Jit Sin A 2002

Brandon Heng - 2nd (left) in bottom 2nd row
Camille Tan - 3rd (left)
Way Chun - last (right)
Bai Hui - 5th (left) in top row
Jasley Ooi - last (right) in bottom row
Jia Xiang - 3rd (left ) in 2nd top row

And, Jasley Ooi (Si Jie) and Jia Xiang, don't miss appointment for next time's gathering. =p

P/S: I re-contact with them is because of our squad leader, Jasley Ooi! ^^ She is created a group in FB and we've 31 members now. Thanks here~


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