Hasma ♥ Gastronomy Day

27 May

Hasma which cooked by my lovely mummy

❤ ❤❤ ❤

28 May

Recently there're really lots of people invited my family and I went to eat. lol*

My younger sister's boss, my boss (ballet teacher), my 3rd uncle, and etc.

Today was Vesak Day and my ballet teacher had invited my mummy, younger sister and I went to have lunch together.

Of course, there were still other people which were my teacher's family members and my other colleagues. ^^

We met at my teacher's father's house first, and sat her husband's car went to Batu Kawan there.

Yan Seafood Restaurant (燕海鲜餐馆) is located at a remote place.

However, many people do recognize the place~!

When I walked in, I only realized that the wall was sticked by many pieces of well cut newspapers which meant that this restaurant has interviewed by reporters n times.

The food over there was delicious, especially steamed bread, thai bean curd and curry sea crab ♥♥♥ hehe*

After eating, we went back to her father's house and collected our car.

Then, three of us went to visit ger's daddy because her daddy's knee bone has been fractured.

We chit-chatted around 1hour plus and left her house to move to Raja Uda.

We had our dinner in Crystal Palace (水晶宫).

We didn't eat the noodle paste over there long time ago due to Crystal Palace always closed when we wanted to eat there.

We really missed it very much, and we got to eat this delicious noodle paste FINALLY~!!! XD

And, for the people who doesn't like to use hand to peel off whatever shell, which is same as me, you may try to eat the fried little prawn in Crystal Palace.

It's really crispy and yummyyyyy~

This also lets me think of Sharene peeled off the prawn shell and fed me eat on 27 May (Thursday) in Soeul Garden. Lol*

If her boyfriend read this post, sure !@#$%&


Today, I had a very full day ^^


There're really lots of thing have been happening recently.

I'm not the one who really involved in, but the incidents were happened on my friends, ballet teacher and her employee.

How a problem will be occured?!

I think of a person's personality plays an importance role, especially when there're numbers of people participate in a team.

However, we're just a human being.

We were born in different family background and grown up in different environment.

Therefore, it's for sure that everyone has his/ her own attitude and kinds of view which are different from others.

In this world, we really can't find a person who is absolute same with another one.

So, it's nothing impossible in this world. >.<

We can't say we're the perfect one because there's no perfect thing in this world.

We can just review ourselve every time in order to be the nearly perfect guy. ^^

Yet, Some people don't think so.

They just think that he/ she always the one who is doing the right thing and he/ she won't do wrong thing.

They even can't accept people's advice in terms of they've a strong concept.

Then, I'll feel like it's funny and their behaviour is really silly due to such people won't success in one day.

Whereas, some people behave as a pity guy to spread unrealistic story~

Ya, if the one who really needs sympathy, why not give them helping hand.

If not, I'll just think that he/ she is just a hypocritically guy.

Being people's friend or in whatever relationship, we just want the truth only~!

Or else, we don't even care how the thing happens, right?!

Why we want to waste our time to listen those nonsense deceit.

Tell a lie, you've to find another lie to "beautify" the previous one.

Consequently, just make everything simple~

Use heart to make friend; Not using eyes and ears~

You'll feel comfortable, at the same time, people around you will have the same feeling with you too ^^

Athlynn's B'day Celebration ^^

After working, I went to Athlynn's belated b'day celebration which was at Coffee Island. ^^

Ning Joe, Vien and Athlynn ordered food and enjoyed their dinner first, whereas Eve and I had taken our dinner at home.

Therefore, both of us took photos together while waiting for three of them to finish the dishes.

After that, it was Athlynn's show time~ Lol*

Because yesterday night she was the belated b'day girl (17th of May actually).

We sang b'day song in a low voice due to there were quite lots of people. =p

After eating the cake, which was bought buy Eve and I, then  five of us took photos non-stop until Eve sent us back to our own house~ wahaha*

And, Athlynn said thanks for attending her b'day celebration before I went down from the car.

Hmm* I felt a bit weird because b'day girl still had to say thank you. o.0?

Anyway, Happy Belated B'day to you, Athlynn~!!! XD

Colourful Nail Painting; Knee Black & Blue

I've just done to paint my toe nails only. =p

There are five different colours applied on each toe nails~

I feel super satisfied with what I've painted ♥♥♥ XD

Haha* I really don't feel ashamed, right?! =p

Never mind, I feel happy enough~!!! ^^

The black and blue on my knee almost one week since the date of 15 June. sigh*

I hope it can disappear faster.

So, if I wore skirt or pant only won't have black and blue on my knee anymore. >.<

Gambateh~!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

My "Good" Teacher * Thai Buffet * Movie

I went to college as usual today.

Every Thursday, I've to attend the first class which is Research Methodology.

My lecturer of Research Methodology is really a "Good" teacher which I've ever seen after so many semesters. -.-'

She asked us to bring laptop this morning, I didn't bring, though.

After my group members brought laptop to college, she asked us that when she asked us to bring laptop?!..she never said that~


In fact, whole class of the students also did hear that in Tuesday~!

And, you know what did she say!?

She told us that she is the lecturer, she can change whatever she wants anytime~!!!

Besides, she still keeps on saying that she is our lecturer, our marks are on her hand!!! >.<


When she gives us tutorial, if we don't know and go to ask her, she says that everything is in our notes and asks us refer to the notes/ slides.

What is that? -.-

I felt like my secondary school's teachers were better than her don't know how many times~!!!

The evaluation form which was given to us 2 days ago, I still evalute her "just ok", "disagree".

I still didn't circle "strongly disagree" such cruel term.

This morning I just told Sharene that I got bit regret. sigh*

 This is my last semester.

Why I still meet such terrible teacher??? sad*

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Research Methodology >> Personnel Management

After Personnel Management, it was almost 1pm.

We decided go to eat Thai buffet where is located near Disted College.

It was really cheap.

One person is only costed RM10.90. ^^

The food over there was really delicious, especially Tomyam XD

Moreover, I ate two plates of fried rice with other cooked food. =p

Don't believe? It's really nice

You may go and try yourself, then you'll know~ ^^

Prontip Thai Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.

2, Lebuhraya Peel
(Yesterday Club)
10350 Penang, Malaysia.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

When I reached home and I've done everything.

I continued to watch <<美人心计>> Schemes of A Beauty.

Finally, it has ended.

But, I feel like have the sense of loss. >.<

It's really a nice and touching movie.

I like to see Ruby Lin(Dou Yi Fang) and Sammul Chan(Liu Heng) together because Liu Heng is an infatuation Emperor. ^^

Sadly, he dies at last.

However, I won't feel that the ending is not good due to Sammul Chan was died because I like this movie very much claps*

Thank You, Mummy~ I ♥ You ^^

13 May

Today morning, after cleaned up everything, my mummy gave me a small bowl of chinese tonic and asked me to take it.

It makes me think of those children who have mummy like a treasure. (有妈的孩子像个宝) aw*

Perhaps, there're few people don't think so.

But, I feel lucky that I've such a GOOD MUMMY~

However, sometimes I still will argue with my mummy because of some incidents. >.<

Every time, after short arguing, I'll go and talk to her again, and grab her hand. =p

Then, she'll smile and repond me. ^^

Sometimes, I even apologize to my mummy, and then she'll say me naugthy..bla bla bla~ hehe*

You know why I laugh?

Because it shows that my mummy also has cute side. XD

Thanks (God) for let me to be my mummy's child and I hope next life too~

Mummy, I love you~

Mother's Day Celebrating ♥ 05 may

Yesterday was Mother's Day, I'm sure everyone know about it. ^^

Of course, my mummy's 3 daughters did sure celebrate with her.

We went to eat steamboat yummy*

But, I felt a bit regret to go there because recently the weather is very hotttt~!!!

Yet, we still felt very happy because it was the first year 3 sisters were celebrating Mother's Day with mummy together. (feel touching)

Happy Mother's Day ^^

And, my elder sister and I plan for watching movie with my mummy tonight since my younger sister goes to matrikulasi now.

Sigh* Start to miss her already~ T_T

Anyway, wish her all the best~!!!

I hope she can read my blog over there. =p

Hmm...Dunno??? lol*

Lucky Day? Unlucky Day?

07 May

Today, after I finished my ballet classes in Alor Setar, when I reached home, my younger sister told me that her boss invited all my family members went to eat.

My first thinking was, "wow~ so good! After working, still got people invite me to eat." LOL*

Then, I faster went to take bath to get ready. hehe*

When we arrived the place where is located in Sungai Dua, we were tried to find seats.

At first, I thought it was starting to rain because I felt my hair a bit wet and I tried to use my hand to wipe off.

Unluckily, I was shitted by a bird due to I was standing under a tree. >.<

I quickly rushed to wash my hand 5 or 6 times, and sure my hair too. It was so...!@#$%&

But, we were very enjoyed our dinner after that. ^^




Keong and Shyh Yee

His pretty wife and cute son ^^

My elder sister (Angeline)

Younger sister (Patricia)

My pretty mummy


Fried vegetable

Crabs with salt

Delicious Fish

Khun Tai, Sungai Dua