Vampires Suck

Recently I go to watch movie really very often.

1) Love In Disguise
2) Adventure Of The King
3) Phua Chu Kang
4) Vampires Suck

In fact, my elder sister and I wanted to watch Step Up 3D, but it's not available in Gurney Plaza's GSC.

So, we chose Vampires Suck instead of that 3D movie.

Actually, story line of Vampires Suck is came from Twilight, it's just added some funny plot in this movie.

Some parts are really funny however I still prefer Twilight. ^^

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Before watching Vampires Suck, my mummy, elder sister and I went to take our dinner at Gurney Drive.

And, one perfect matched Holland couple was sat beside us.

After they sat down, they were starting to ask us about what is the famous food in Penang that we can introduce them.

Some parts of the dialouge are shown below:

My sister     : Char Kuay Teow, Laksa are famous in Penang.
Holland Guy: What's Char Kuay Teow?
My sister     : Er...
Me               : It's something like noodle. (I also didn't know how to explain. *Haha)
Holland Guy: Does here sell any food for vegetarian.
Me               : Er..or the stall which is numbered 88, you may choose whatever you want to eat.
Holland Girl: O, okay. Thank you.
Me               : You're welcome.

(Finished eating)

Me               : Are you a vegetarian?
Holland Girl: No. I'm not vegetarian. But I take something like..very easy. The food over here is very~ cheap. Like this one (sugar cane juice) only cost RM2.50, in Holland, a glass of apple juice, it costs 28 dollars.
Me              : Wow~ it's really expensive. My friend stays in Australia, the food over there is also very expensive.
Holland Girl: Ya. It's.
Holland Guy: I heard Malaysia is the cleanest country in Asia.
(My sister and I got shocked)
Me               : Nonono..Taiwan is the cleanest in Asia.
Holland Girl: O, ya! That's right.
Holland Guy: And, China is the dirtiest country in Asia.
Me               : It's better now. If you go to their cities, there'll be cleaner. (I cannot ruin China's image also, right~!?)
Holland Guy: Maybe~
Holland Girl: But, Malaysia is still above the average...
Both of us   : Yaya~ ^^
Holland Girl: Malaysia's things are really cheap, it's a nice country to visit.
Me              : Hehe~ Ya. ^^ Or China's ones are even cheaper.
Girl and Guy: Haha~ Ya!

The guy looks handsome and the gal looks very pretty. XD

Both of them are really nice guys, and we talked lots. ^^ Really nice to meet them.

Then, our dinner was ended here.

Eating...Shopping..Movie...LOoong Day!

Eve, Vien and I three persons planned to go and watch movie together, actually.

But, that Vien's phone has spoilt and Eve couldn't contact her.

Therefore, only Eve and I went together today.

Both of us went to eat our favourite pan mee before taking my SPM certificate. *Lol

I know it has passed long long time ago, but I really lazy go to collect it since I don't use it at all. =x

After that, we went to change Taiwan Dollar > buy Eve's Polaroid films > Temple > Gurney Plaze to buy our movie ticket, Phua Chu Kang.

Because we still had plenty of time, so we shopped a while first, and I bought this bunny small little bag. =p

I like this bunny bag because I can put my IC and license behind it with transparent cover besides cute. =p

However, the time was like passing so slow. >.<

And, both of us decided going to Sushi King to eat again. *Lol

We were sooo stingy due to we looked at the colour before took the dishes from the belt. =x

Moreover, we calculated to eat until RM20 then stopped already. (No choice, we've to save money to go Taiwan. *Haha)

Yet, when we paid the bill, it was only RM18.xx. XD

Then, we movied until around 7pm and we went to eat tom yam steamboat.

Eve and I ate until very full, and head off fetch my younger sister from her friend's house before came home. ^^

Okay, blog until here, feel sleepy now~

Good Night~! ^^

♥ Love In Disguise ♪

I just went to watch this movie, Love In Disguise (恋爱通告), with Eve and Vien. ^^

This movie is actually stood for some point of view from all the stars in entertainment field.

It's a really nice, funny and quite nonsense movie~ =p

It impressed me the most was during the process of Du Ming Han (acted by Lee Hom) applying to study in the music school. XD

"My name is Mohamohamoha me Ah De~" *Haha (I'm crazy now~)

Moreover, DMH is soo awesome in this movie~!!! *Thumb up

And, I really like the musics and songs in the movie, especially the theme song, All The Things You Never Knew (你不知道的事) ♥♥♥ *Lol

Here is the trailer of Love In Disguise to share with you all~ *Hehe

Feel like wanna watch???

Let go to watch Love In Disguise now~! ^^

It's a worth movie to watch, and support Lee Hom's self virgin production~!!! XD

4-Day Snowoman & 2-Day McD ^^

Today was my 4th day to become snowoman~ Lol*

Why I say so??? =p


Hehe* Because I went to my new house to do paint.

At the beginning, I thought painting is quite fun, and I told my mummy that don't need to ask people to come and paint for us.


Perhaps, I painted ALONE 4 days, so it made me feel that painting is not that fun, actually.

Don't know~~~ -.-'

I just know that my hands become stark now and one of my hands got blister. >.<

That's why, after painting, I went to buy McD's pineapple sundae to award myself. XD

And, this was the 2nd time I went to McD's Drive Thru today.

Due to afternoon, I went there to buy Happy Meal again (I bought Happy Meal yesterday too)~

In fact, I bought Happy Meal not because of the food, I want the soft toy bunnies only. =x

But, they said the soft toy bunnies are sold out. =( Sad*

So, I got these 2 types of bunny at last.

Anyway, it's okay. ^^

Maybe I'll try to collect one set of this type of bunny. ♥