♥ Cousin's B'day

There're 4 person's birthday dropped on 26th in my family members and relatives.

Last Saturday (26th of February) was my lovely cousin, Guo Wei's 6th birthday. ^^

My mummy and I brought my granny and Guo Wei's younger sister went to his house and celebrated with him.

Two days before his birthday, he already kept on asking his mummy that when was his birthday.

And, when he saw us, he was so happy because he knew that we were going to celebrated with him. =p

Okay, lets the pictures instead of words. ^^

Fruity Cake Its taste was nice ^^

His elder sister (Wan Yi), granny, my mummy, his younger sister (Wan Ying), Birthday guy (Guo Wei) and his mummy.

My younger sister also very sayang him, but she couldn't come back from her school. Poor thing~

He was sooo happy and jumped here and there. XD

He felt shy and pulled his sister to take picture with him. Lol~

My aunty told us that he helps her to do houseworks such as sweeping floor, keep clothes...when she is not at home.

He's SOoooo shrewd~!!! *thumb up* ^^

My another lovely cousin, Wan Ying 

I like this kind of fried noodle. Yummy~

I just took picture, didn't eat it because got one old aunty told my mummy that whoever is still studying, don't eat people's birthday red egg. If not will become stupid. =x

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures when he unwrapped the presents. -.-

His daddy asked my mummy to buy present to Guo Wei, and we bought his favourite cartoon, Ben 10 white board. =p

Due to he doesn't need to find a piece of paper when he need to draw/ write something.

And, my younger sister and I bought crayon for his drawing class. ^^

It was just a simply celebration, but I did really enjoy it.

BB Old One; Hello New~!

 In fact, I wanted to cut my hair yesterday.

But, the hair saloon is closed on Tuesday.

Therefore, today I only went to change new hair style.

I kept this long hair for 2 years plus. Today, I really wanna say bye bye 'her' already.

First time I cut my hair until so short, and the feeling is soo light~! XD

They dyed my hair for twice.

This colour was the first time. ^^

The gal who helped me to dye and blow my hair (left) and the boss (right) which helped me to cut.

Hello, my new hair style~! XD

I like it very much

Do you like it? o.0

View from behind

Side view


Here are some photos that I'd taken before the musical in Genting. ^^

My elder sister accompanied me instead of my mummy, due to she goes to Taiwan as you know from previous post. =p 

 Kay郭晓薇 ♥

 Ginger, Me, 晓薇 and Miller ♥

 马嘉轩, she was also my elder sister's singing teacher last time. ^^

 瑛姑 ♥

苗苗 ♥   She is very funny~ XD

He is very kind also. ♥

Back from Genting

Yesterday, I sat 2p.m bus from Genting Highland back to Jawi with Ginger's mummy and her family members.

Due to my mummy goes to Taiwan, and no one fetched me home if I went back alone.

I slept at 3 in the morning.

I was so happy to 'meet back' my primary school friends through facebook's group. ^^

This has to thanks to our squad leader, Jasley Ooi~! ^^

And, first time my post is over 3digits comments. Lol~

We're planning to have a gathering maybe in somewhere April.

I'm looking forward to its coming!!! XD

Relaxing Day~!!! ♥

Today I woke up around 12p.m.

I did really have a nice sleep in Ginger's place. =p

In fact, Ger wanted to see doctor, but the doctor went for lunch due to it was 1p.m.

As we know the doctor would be back at 2p.m, so both of us went to take our brunch first.

We went back straight away after that due to Ger be doctor herself. Lol*

Then, both of us became '霉女' (mildewed gals), which is created by Ger, in the whole afternoon. Haha*

After that, Ger's friend invited us to 'playground'.

When we met him, we asked him what playground we wanted to go.

He replied us that it's a cafe, not the children playground. LOL~

Ger and I were totally misinterpreted the meaning of 'playground' that Ger's friend said. XD

Actually, name of the cafe is 'My Playground', and it is located at Cheras there.

The food over there is just very normal, but atmosphere of the cafe is good, and the decoration is pretty unique.

They also got sell some hand-made stuffs in the cafe too~ ^^

Okay, introduction for the cafe is enough. Haha*

Back to the topic...... =p

After our tea time in the cafe, both of us came back and took our nap until 9p.m~!!!

It was really O.M.G~!!!

We slept for nearly 3hours!

I don't know whether I can sleep later?! -.-

Then, Ger and I went to take dinner after we woke up.

Today, we were really woke up then slept...woke up then slept...Lol~

Long time didn't live in such a relaxing life! XD

I enjoyed it VERY MUCH~!!!

Ballet Performance ♀ 12/2/2011

So colourful~ =p Hehe*

These are some of my G4 students. We're like friends. XD

I'm sure that you all know they were the mumbers in the same group with me for the performance. ^^

My teacher~!!! ♥

Last but not least, our dance. But, it's bit blur. -.-

In fact, I asked my sister to take video.

However, my phone was out of battery when she took until half.

Therefore, it couldn't be saved, and I can't share with you all.

Maybe I'll take the video from my teacher. ^^

Cried Because of My BBF

11 Feb

It was the last night for us to hang out together before Eve left to Hobart, Tasmania, for her studies.

Both of us know each other since Form 3 and we be BBF for 6 years long~!

We always joke that our friendship will be last until we marry, got babies, getting older.....

After Form 5, I never think of we'll be apart.

Due to everytime Eve told me about where she wanted to study for her degree, it was not clear and just saying.

Therefore, I didn't take it seriously, and I thought that it'll not be come true.

But, it's really happened~!

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Yesterday I went to airport and send her, my tears were out of my control, and they streamed down disobediently at last.

I thought I can control it well, but failed~! >.<

I even forgot to wish her face to face, I didn't dare to look at her at all. -.-

It was the first time I cried because of my friend!!!

Eve, you're so lucky you know?! F3


I'll go to find you when I'm free, you wait me there~!!! ^^

Sooooo....fast Chu 5 -.-

2011  Rabbit Year!!!

Pink nail painting with flowers to welcome 2011 Rabbit CNY~!!! =p

I was hesitated to cut my fringe until 2 days before CNY. Lol~

But, I feel like wanna cut my hair until very short. I'm still hesitating. =x

Chu 1
My pretty mummy ♥ ^^

My 2 sisters ♥ cousin ^^

Chu 2

Chu 3

Chu 4 forgot to take picture. Haha*

Today is already Chu 5. >.<

I feel like this year's CNY passed super fast.

My 2 sisters went back to study, left me at home with my mummy only. -.-

No more CNY mood~!!!!!

And, I miss my cousin, Guo Wei sooooo..much!!! =(

He was so pity when we dropped him back to my grandmother's house, due to the next day, his mummy wanted to bring him and his younger sister went to Cameron Highland.

But, he seem like didn't want to go.

Then, he covered his face and cried secretly to say goodbye with us. ='(

6-year-old boy won't cry loudly for require us to bring him back together, he is sooo understanding. VV

That's why my mummy, 2 sisters and I are very 'sayang' him~ =p