Vaccination Injection & TeoChew Penang Road Famous Cendol

Yesterday, I brought Minnie went to inject 2nd time vaccination. In fact, it was 20th of April. However, the vet went for holiday. Minnie was so good girl during the injection. ^^ When I walked out from the room after the injection, a white male poodle was so excited when he saw Minnie (there was also a brown female poodle), and he was struggling to escape from an uncle's arms. But, Minnie turned her head to looked other side like ignoring him. It was so funny. =p

After that, my mummy wanted go to Raja Uda to buy fin due to today she wants to cook fin for us to eat. ^^ Then, my mummy asked me wanna eat anything before attended my ballet class. And, she brought me go to branch of TeoChew Penang Road Cendol in Raja Uda.

It was the first time that my mummy and I went there because they just open not long ago. Its atmosphere and decoration are good. XD

 As the name is shown, its cendol is really very nice which I ever eat. (thumb up) Recommended*

Chee Chong Fan was nice too. But, if you want to order it, you should tell the waiter or waitress that less sauce, so that it is not that sweet.

Laksa ♥♥

I like restaurant that has call button.

Graduation Ceremony & My L♥vely Minnie

Disted Graduation Ceremony 2011~

Some of my college friends which were also graduates on that day.

My mummy and elder sister attended the ceremony. My younger sister couldn't come back because she has been busying with her final exam recently.

Finally got the certificate after finish studied one year. ^^

Flowers and bears from my mummy and younger sister.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Finally I brought my Minnie back on last Saturday after my graduation ceremony~! XD Of course, sometimes she is bit naughty, but she is still very cute and obedient. ^^ 

Today, when my mummy stepped out from the house, I told my mummy that if she followed her to walk out by herself, my mummy needed to stop her, it was just in case. Minnie didn't follow my mummy went out, maybe I played with her more, so she was waiting for me. However, after I walked out from the door, she still stood in the house and she was staring us, she was not dare to walk out by herself. ^^ She seemed like we did train her before but I never. LOL~ Then, I brought her out for basked in the sun in order increase her pigment. Due to Steven said that if she seldom sunbathes, her pigment will become less, then her nose will fade, or even her eyeballs will not be that black anymore.

Minnie is very clever too~! I've given her a towel to prevent her to catch cold at night. When she walks here and there in her kennel, the towel became very messy. She knows how to use her mouth and hands to make the towel back to almost original (give her applaud). ^^ I'm so proud of her. Haha~ Let share some Minnie's photos~

I name her as Minnie due to her body size is so mini! Lol~

It's taken by Steven Tan.!/kinzonu

"What's that?"



I did it!!! OMG? Noooo~ It's UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I just haven't brought her home yet. When I saw her at my first sight, I really love her already. XD She is sooo adorable~ I feel like want to bring her back anxiously, but now still can't. -.- I miss her soooooo much right now! >.< You all must be very curious what am I talking about. Yup, I'm talking about my little 10weeks maltese. ^^

Yesterday, I went to the pet shop which is located very near to my house, and inquired about maltese. The pet shop owner introduced me to a maltese breeder, Steven Tan, who is required for quality but not quantity. His house has 10 malteses, and they're really in a good condition. In fact, I did contacted him yesterday after I got his contact number from the pet shop owner. I asked for male maltese, but he doesn't have. Then, he said his friends got one which is 6weeks. After I saw the picture that he had shown me just now, and he did book a time for me to get a look for the male maltese with his friend on this Thursday. I was bit struggling but I still said okay and I drove back.

On my way back, I kept on thinking of my little maltese. When I almost reached home, I called Steven and told him that I decided not to meet his friend's one anymore. I wanted to get the female maltese from him straight away because I felt like my maltese is the best! Plus, she is the smallest size and cutest among her batch. I do really love her. ^^ Actually, I felt like wanna bring her back after the paid. However, I don't have kennel and everything, so I've decided to bring her back by this saturday after my graduation ceremony. ^^

It's really out of my expectation~ I never think that I can own a puppy. Some more, it comes sooo fast! XD I haven't told my mummy that I've bought her. I hope my mummy'll like her also ^^ Good Luck~

Kinzonu TCL Enterprise
Steven Tan (Maltese breeder)

SWEAT -.-'

I supposed to wake up at 7 early in the morning and reached the studio at 8.30a.m. Due to today was my student's Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam. However, I awoke from the dream was also about ballet stuff and it was 8.15a.m. >.< I was rushing up to tie and gel my hair neatly, and wore formal teaching wear for bringing my Pre-primary students into the exam room during their assessment. I was late about 15minutes from the actual time when I reached there.

YET, this was still not a big deal because the exam was started at 9.30 o'clock sharp. We just needed to reach there one hour early to help student to tie up their hair and so on. When it was 9.15a.m, my teacher, Miss Ang, phoned and told me immediately that today didn't have exam, actually. WHAT? NO EXAM TODAY??? Then, she continued to say that the RAD organizer, Miss Zafriah, had noticed wrong time for us. That was why when she reached hotel which the examiner, Miss Monica Truffi from Brazil stays at, she couldn't find her after asking from the reception counter. When my teacher confirmed with Miss Zafriah, she only told my teacher that Miss Truffi was already at another studio, so our exam will be started from this coming Wednesday to Friday, but not today. -.- I was really zzz~! How can the organizer does thing like this. Miss Zafriah said she did tell my teacher that another studio's pianist couldn't make it on 6th of April. But, who'll think that the exam dates will be changed since she just only said about that, she didn't even inform my teacher that the dates had to shift with another studio because of that reason (my teacher thought she'll re-arrange by themselves), .

It was really super funny! First time faced the problem which was announced wrong dates for international exam. It was not only that. We had to call the students' parents one by one to inform them that there are some changes about the exam date. There're 1xx candidates to take the exam. It's fine if the parents are understanding. But, some of them are really... -.-

One word for today and Miss Zafriah (I'm sorry to say about this, but you really make us big headache, especially my teacher), SWEAT~!!!


Last Saturday's night was my first time to gather with Brandon Heng (Hong Jie), Camille Tan (Si Yee), Way Chun and Dougles Chong (Bai Hui) 8 years apart after we graduated in Standard 6!!! Although there were just few people attended this gathering, how awesome was it~! Until now, I still couldn't imagine that we sat and chit-chatted in Blogger, Kampung Baru for exatcly 4 hours, but we did!!! ^^ We talked about the school life in primary..what were the games that we usually played, the food in canteen, teachers, studies, 'tablemate', etc. Certainly, current life is much more difference from young one. However, I do enjoy it also. XD

Hmm..this gathering I didn't dare to require them to take photos with me because I scared they'll think that I'm a narcissism. HAHA~ Therefore, there're no photos to share with you all. BUT.....

Memory Of Class Photo, Class K in SJK(c) Jit Sin A 2002

Brandon Heng - 2nd (left) in bottom 2nd row
Camille Tan - 3rd (left)
Way Chun - last (right)
Bai Hui - 5th (left) in top row
Jasley Ooi - last (right) in bottom row
Jia Xiang - 3rd (left ) in 2nd top row

And, Jasley Ooi (Si Jie) and Jia Xiang, don't miss appointment for next time's gathering. =p

P/S: I re-contact with them is because of our squad leader, Jasley Ooi! ^^ She is created a group in FB and we've 31 members now. Thanks here~

Sharing ♥ Simple and Nice

1. Small tomato - 5 (can be replaced by using 1 big tomato)
2. Ginger - few pieces
3. Cabbage - few pieces
4. Fillet - depends
5. Oil - little
6. Cornstarch - little (without also can)
7. Water - 1 bowl (picture is shown)
8. Organic noodle

1. Salt - 1/3 teaspoon
2. Dark soy sauce - 3 drops

1. Shred the pieces of ginger and cut tomatoes into half (big tomato can cut into 8 pieces). Fry ginger, cabbage and fillet few seconds in order to make its taste nicer when the oil is hot.

 2. Pour water into the pot before put the noodle. When the noodle is almost soften, put in tomatoes and add 1/3 teaspoon of salt. After that, put little bit of cornstarch to make the soup think.

Jeng jeng~ Sweet and sour noodle in natural taste comes from vegetables and fillet. ^^ Of course, it's included ginger spicy taste

❤ ❤❤ ❤

1. Egg - 1
2. Rice - 1 bowl
3. Carrot - 1/2
4. Meat - some (picture is shown)
5. Oil - little

1. Dark soy sauce - 1 teaspoon
2. Vegetarian Oyster Oil - 1 teaspoon
3. Water - 1 1/2 spoon
P/S: These 3 things can add up together by using a small bowl and stir it.

1. When the oil is hot, put the meat into the pot and fry it about 15 seconds, then pour the prepared seasoning.

2. Pour the bowl of rice into the pot, and then stir it in order to make the colour uniform. Carrot is the last thing to add in because I don't want to let the vitamin gone.

Another dish was out~! ^^ However, 1/3 of this dish was failed. =( Look at the egg then you'll know what happened. In fact, I wanted to get a boil egg which stirs with dark soy sauce. Who knows the egg became like this due to the water that I used was not hot enough. should know what you've to do when you make that time. GOOD LUCK~!
Again....To be continued.

This time is sharing my super simple recipe (it's also my dinner). XD

1. Organic noodle
2. Mushroom - 2
3. Small Gabbage - 1/4
4. Squid - 1/2
5. Onion - 1/2
6. Egg - 1
7. Oil - little

1. Vegetarian Oyster Oil - depend

1. Cook the noodle first, then wash it by using cool water in order to make it QQ. ^^

2. Cook the mushroom and squid until soft and cut into slices. Peel the cabbage and onion, and wash them cleanly before cut them. Due to sometimes there are worms inside the cabbage. >.<

3. Use vegetarian oyster oil is more healthy than normal oyster oil.

4. Put a little of oil to fry onion until bit golden yellowish, then add egg and stir it while waiting until it's cooked. After that, put the squid in to fry it until the smell comes out. After put the noodle, pour the vegetarian oyster oil and stir it to make the taste uniform. Last but not least, put the cabbage in (vegetable put at last because I don't want to make its vitamin gone), fry a while then yummy fried noodle with mushroom and squid is done. ^^


Mummy's friend and her husband have been invited my mummy to genting again due to they get free room. I don't need to say clearly, you all know what'll happen when parents are not around. Everything has to done by ourselves.

In the morning, it's easy. Normally, I eat bread with a cup of milo, oat, almond or walnut. Today had no exception also. ^^

Afternoon, I usually eat rice with some cooked food. However, I'm the only one at home. I assure can't finish the cooked food even I cook in small dishes. Therefore, I cook my expert one which is fried rice.

Today one was tomyam fried rice

I dare to admit my fried rice is good. My mummy, 2 sisters, and even my aunty also like my 'whatever fried rice'. XD Especially the mushroom fried rice! Yummy~!!! =p

Outing With College Friends II

Yesterday was my second time went out with my college friends since last 2 weeks. But, there was added one person which was Lay Hui (Jeng jeng)~! ^^ First of all, we went to Jemputree to have our dinner. We didn't go there for a long time. Even before I graduated, we did have almost half year or more than that didn't step in the place. Is not the food over not nice, and the surrounding there is good too, just I don't know why. Lol~

Thanks to raining cats and dog, Greenlane had a heavy traffic jam. -.- We still able to reach there by 7.15p.m, although our actual plan was 7p.m. Sharene and I were the first ones to reach there, can say so. =p At first, we did enjoy our dinner. When we ate until half, Lay Hui shouted (I didn't hear what she said that time), and Sharene said got cat (actually was a rat). Base on my sitting style, I sat with my legs were straighten, I was really scared that it ran to me and touched my bottom of feet. Sharene, Ning Wei, Lay Hui and I were shouted and stood up. And, I kept on asking, "what is that?" Haha~ I'm laughing when I recalled the circumstances at that time, it's really funny. After that, Joanne asked me that actually I knew what was that or not. I replied her that I didn't know. XD

It was only 8.30p.m when we finished the dinner. In fact, Lay Hui and Ning Wei wanted to go back after that due to they are 3-month contract worker in dell now. They said they wanted to go back early. However, after Sharene's and my persuading, they followed us to eat J. cool yogurt! =p 5 of us were really out of control for taking photos. We took photos by using Canon to X6 to ipod. Lol~ WE WERE REALLY SS (syok sendiri)~!!! Who cares?! This's one of my hobbies

Joanne, the one with light brownish hair, does she look cute and like an apple? =p Sooooo kawaii neh~ (feel like wanna pinch her face =x)

Lay Hui

She loves G-Dragon sooooo much~!

Everyone was busying to eat yogurt while I snapped photos. XD So, I might be the one who made them 'ss' after that. Haha~

Ning Wei was the most 'ss' one. She was the champion!!!

After taking this photo, I said they looked like couple. Then.....


made known to public??? Lol~


The Day After......

Another person's birthday again~ It's the day after my mummy's birthday! So, I remember it for sure. =p I just wished her by sending her a simple but sincere message. She seemed very happy because she replied me, "Thanks B-)". For you all, you'll just think that I think too much. Yet, she never replies me a message which contains emoticons. Who is she? =p










Jeng Jeng~

My dearest teacher (She likes green colour.) ^^ I know her 16years already~!!! Both of us are not just teacher and student, or boss and subordinate. However, we are like friends, and she can even be my second mother~!!! LOL~ XD

"Happy Birthday, teacher!

Wish you all the best and happy always. Enjoy your day~"

This was the message I sent to my teacher~ 

On The Day ~♥

My sisters and I have bought birthday present for my mummy 2 days ago from her birthday. And, we did celebrated with her in advance as I mentioned in previous post. However, on the real day, I still felt like wanna celebrate with her again. ^^ In fact, I wanted to buy a cake to celebrate with my mummy. But, there were only 2 of us, we sure can't finish the cake. Therefore, I brought my mummy to Dragon-i. My mummy never goes there before due to everytime we passed by, we saw there were lots of people queueing up in front of the restaurant.

Birthday Lady

渔香什菌茄子煲 (Eggplants with Assorted Mushroom in Fish Burning Incense) 

脆皮香酥鸭 (Crispy Duck)

We thought it was roast cripsy duck. Moreover, it was not crispy at all, it is called cripsy duck, though. -.- The cucumber was the best for this dish. Lol~

火腩焖海斑 (Stew Garoupa)

XO酱炒虾仁萝卜糕 (Fried Radish Cake in XO Sauce) Recommended.

蟹皇灌汤包 (Steam M.D. Crabs)

We thought let it turned warm only drank the soup inside the 'bao'. Who knows after we finished other things, the soup was gone, it sucked by the 'bao'. Lol~ My mummy got taste it at first luckily. If not, RM9.80 will be flied away. =x

桂花芦荟蜜 (Aloe Vera with Osmanthus and Honey)
茅根竹蔗马蹄水 (Chesnut Drink with Chine and Cane)

Shopping ~