Nippon Paint

Today, my mummy and I went to buy Nippon paint to paint our room. =p

While we were waiting for a guy to help us to mix up the paint colour, I saw a big doll is displayed at the shelf there.

Then, I told my mummy about it.

Another guy told me that if I was lucky to get one key chain out of four in the paint container, I'll have the chance to win LCD TV or the big doll which I have mentioned.

Although, new paint doesn't need to stir it, I felt like the paint colour was like not really uniform, so I stirred it with a long stick.

It was surprised me that there was one small packet in the container when I was stirring it.

When I knew it's a key chain, I was really happy, and jumped here and there. Lol*

To tell you secretly, the paint colour is my mummy and my lucky colour. =p

This time is really ONG already. Haha~!

Pre-celebration Of My Big Day~

24 September

Eve, Vien and Joe celebrated my b'day on 24th of September, which was 2 days earlier =p

We were at Sunset Bistro~ ^^ I like the place very much ♥ I'm planning to bring someone go there. XD Unfortunately, Ath and Hui Ying couldn't come.

I forgot how to make wishes..they laughed at me because I looked like praying the cake. LOL*

Finally~ Making wishes

If not mistaken, this picture was the one that we took until half, the wave rushed towards us. >.<

The sand went into the shoes that Eve bought for me as b'day gift, so I had no choice to take off my NEW shoes.

However, I felt more fun with barefoot. And, I had long time didn't go to seaside. Therefore, I really enjoyed at that night ^^

B'day Present

 By Eve

By my sisters

By my lovely one

By....wah chan? Lol* These are free gifts.

My car, by my mummy

And...others are ang paos. =p

Thanks to you all~ XD

Tired...but HAPPY~! XD

These few days I feel really tired and sleepy because I had not enough sleep~

I went out whole day for several days once I was free....

Moreover, one day only slept about 4 to 5 hours, so my eyes seem to have a 10kg weight. LOL*

Just now accompanied Eve went to interview, I was fishing while waiting for her. =p (This was what the workers over there told Eve. Haha*)

Now, I even catch cold and got slightly sore throat. =x


No matter how I whine, I still feel very, super, duple, triple happy~!!! XD

Due to this was the first time my lovely one accompanied me to celebrate my b'day over so many years.

Although it was pre-celebration few days before the actual one, I already feel satisfied with it. ^^

Thank you


Your present too~  ^^

Taiwan Trip Part 2

Day 5

Our breakfast ^^

Taste of Taiwan sausage is really different with Malaysia one. It's really nice

Last day for shopping~ In fact, we wanted to go Mao Kong(猫空), but it got typhoon on that day. >.<

Anyway, it was still okay because Eve bought me a pair of shoes as my b'day present. XD

I really like it very much ♥♥♥ ^^

After walked so many days, my leg finally pain and got cramp, but it was still better than Eve's ones. =x

"Pok pui ka"~ Lol* (Hokkien)

The things that bought by Eve and I. Actually, it's still not enough. Lol*

Our flight was at 11.25pm, both of us 8something already reached there. And, we took many photos at the airport. =p

I took this photo while Eve was buying gift for her friend, Amanda at Shopping For Last 5 Minutes. XD There are sold all Hello Kitty stuffs.

Both of us were sitting on the floor to wait for the plane due to they announced that it got typhoon again. -.-' Lucky, we only waited for half and hour. ^^

Last but not least, really thanks to Chern Yi (Edmund) to be our tour guide.

Xin Ku Ni Le~!

Thank You Very Much~!!!

Taiwan Trip ♥

My blog has been died many days already. =p

Because after Taiwan trip, my house's phone line got problem, and caused my internet couldn't use.

Finally, I can blog my Taiwan trip and share quite numbers of photo with you all. ^^

Day 1

We reached KL at 12a.m., and stayed at Eve's aunt's house for one night.

The next afternoon, we moved to Eve's uncle's house before going to airport, and met this cute + naughty + pity boy. =p

After checked in and waited for our flight.

In the plane

Tao Yuan Airport

We were waiting for our tour guide came to "claim" us. Lol*

Our room in Taipei

Had our nice supper, Beef rice

❤ ❤❤ ❤

2 Day

Both of us woke up very early, not because of too excited, is because of the sunlight. The sky was totally bright at 6.a.m.

This is the place where our tour guide studies.

Sat public bus went to Jiu Fen (九份).


Kee Lung (基隆)

Dan Shui (淡水)

Xi Men Ding (西门町). It's too bad that we only took photos at this 西门町's steamboat restaurant, but not 西门町outside view.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Day 3

Eve and I spent about 2 hours to get ready. Lol*

Beef noodle and various types of dumpling ^^

101 Tower


Met tour guide's Malaysia friends.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Day 4

原味蛋饼 It's really nice and cheap, its taste bit like roti canai. ^^


Forget what is this place called, I just know the middle blue building is called 自由广场. Lol*


They were performing?! I'm not sure what were they doing actually. =x

Had our lunch in Mr.J which is opened by Jay Chou.

Hello Kitty Restaurant. The food over there is quite okay, but my friends said not nice.


Eve and Edmund persuade me to sit ferris wheel. At first, I was really scared. >.< But, I was okay after that, and Eve turns. Lol*


Share until here first, I wanna go out already. Haha~