2Hours Traveling in Penang for Food VV

I had funny act with Sharene after Research Methodology, which is the class before Personnel Management. =p

After 2 classes, usually we've headache for choosing the eating place every Tuesday and Thursday.

Today, it was in my expectation too.

After few minutes, Joanne suggested that to eat Beef Soup Koay Teow. =p

But, Sharene and Ning Wei didn't follow us due to Sharene had to go to an interview, and Ning Wei went to visit her chris AGAIN~

So, there were left Joanne and I, two persons only.

Before went there, Joanne went to her secondary school to visit her juniors first.

I was in car and enjoying to take pictures myself. LOL*

This place is really hard to find place for parking because there are many famous food along this road, which told by Joanne. ^^

Er..I don't know name of the road, I just know it is near Penang jetty there only. =x

Its chili sauce is really nice And, of course the Beef Soup Koay Teow too ^^ Yummy~ hehe*

But, both of us felt like not full after eating. haha*

Opposite this shop, there was a Nasi Kandar shop, and we planned to eat roti canai and cappathi over there.

Since they are only sold from 4pm, Joanne introduced me to eat Apong at Jalan Phuah Hin Leong. ^^

It is located beside a chinese primary school.

Luckily now is during school holiday, so we only can stop our car at the road side.

If not, I had no chance to taste it today.

This uncle was so funny~ XD

At first, I took picture because I want to upload pictures and share with you all.

But, the uncle shaked his head in terms of not allowed me to take picture.

After awhile, he posted a post which was making apong and asked me to take photo of him. LOL~

Joanne and I were so happy to eat apong, which I felt we were same as a kid when he/ she gets a toy. haha*

We got the 15 pieces of apong still not enough, we were still heading to Gurney Plaze to get my Cappathi Chicken Sausage from Hot & roll ®; Joanne bought Pretzel with sour cream and onion flavour from Auntie Anne's ®, and both of us share the Pretzel together. =x

This time, both of us were really full~~~ =p

Today, Joanne was really my tourist guide. VV

Of course, she is a nice tourist guide.

Next time, who wants to come and visit Penang.

Zoom~!!! Let's go find Joanne. Wahaha*

Thanksss, my tourist guide - Ms Joanne~!!! ^^

Service of Kim Gary Restaurant, Gurney Plaza

I had lunch with my friends in Kim Gary Restaurant at Gurney Plaza this afternoon.

When we reached its entrance, there was none of waiters/ waitresses came to serve us.

It still can be accepted due to they were serving other customers.

Then, we walked in to find our own seats by ourselves.

Finally, there was one waiter(called him as waiter A) came and asked us where we wanted to sit at.

We decided to sit on the long leather sofa instead of chairs, but there was only one with lots of used dished and cutlery.

And, we stood at the way which didn't block anyone while waiting for waiter A and B to clean the table.

However, waiter A said rudely, "you all go and stand there(entrance), you all go and stand there." >.<

Then, we replied her, "It's okay, we stand here can already."

She said again, "later you all block others, you all go and stand there first~!"

What's a waiter?!

For others who didn't know what happened, they'd thought that waiter A was driven us.

Okay, it was fine~ I endured her.

After that, we got our seats and started to order food, and for sure to have our food over there.

I ate Sharene's small dish of Kimchi after I finished my Roast Honey Spare Ribs set.

Then, waiter C came and collected Joanne's tablewares(Sharene one already had collected) when I was enjoying to eat the Kimchi.

Suddenly, waiter C collected the Kimchi also without my expectation.

That was really OH....MY....GOD~!!! SWEAT*

I was still eating the Kimchi~!!!!!!!!!!

I hadn't finished it yet~!!!!!!!!

I looked at him, and he awared that he did wrong thing.

BUT~ The worst thing was he didn't apologize or whatever to me also. -.-'

Kim Gary Restaurant is a quite famous restaurant, why its waiters' service is so...?!


Parcel • Handmade Bag With Free Gift ♥

Finally I got my parcel this morning~ ^^

I went to post office and collected it by myself instead of asking my mummy.

Because I scared she forgot again. =x

After I got it, I supposed straight away heading to my college, but I didn't do so~

I was really excited to see the handmade bag. XD

At my first sight, I thought of why there were extra 2 things in the parcel.

Then, I messaged and asked Ger (owner of Ginger Shop/ can be addressed as my sister also ^^), and she replied me that they were free gifts which only for me~! Lol*

I already felt very happy to get my handmade ballet shoes' bag, and there were 2 cute and nice free gifts some more  ♥♥♥


I really like all of them very much~!!! ^^

Porridge + Landscape + Vivien's B'day Celebration

Porridge, which used slow cooker to cook with scallops and squid slice with abolone extract, cooked by my lovely mummy yesterday

Ate before went to work..Love it very much~ ^^

❤ ❤❤ ❤

On my way to work and took this picture. =p

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Yesterday night, we all sat Eve's car went to Neway, Queensbay Mall for Vivien's 20th b'day celebration.

We sang at 8.30pm to 12am.

At the beginning, everyone was sang in our elegant way. =p

However, after "warming up", we all were out of control, and screaming while dancing inside the karaoke room, especially Eve, Ning Joe and I. LOL*

3 of us were look like drunk, in fact, there was no such thing~ XD

But, this's the last time for me to go to Neway and sing k. Unless, who wants to pay for me..haha*

It's truth~!!! >.<

RM30 for sing k plus buffet is worth.

Yet, RM22+ 1 fruit and RM11+ for 1 tidbit are already..... -.-'

And, we were compulsory to take 2 fruits and 4 tidbit some more. zzz*

I think they add their buffet price into the fruit and tidbit bill there.

It's really pro business operational~!!!


Hui Ying, B'day gal (Vien) and Athlynn

Ning Joe

Evelyn and I

Happy 20th B'day to you, Vien~ ^^
Wish all your dreams may come true ya~!!!!!!!!

Laughing Day XD

10 June

I'd my lunch with Joanne and Sharene in Little Cottage today.

I told them that I couldn't sleep after watching ghost movie or vampire movie since I was young.

And, I told them that when I was young, I was very innocent in terms of I held my breathe at midnight to prevent the vampire came and sucked my blood, both of them laughed until...... -.-'

After that, we met Ning Wei in college and continued to chit-chat again. (Ning Wei didn't join us because she went to met her chris)

Then, they laughed at me again because I like to explain after whatever they'd said, and they said I suit to be a cold joke teller. >.<

It was first time my friends around me told me about this thing only.

Am I~??? o.0

❤ ❤❤ ❤

I only realized that I've had this notification of postal item after I went to check my mail box. >.<


If not, I can get my parcel on 7th of June.

Fortunately, I got a phone call from Ger when I was on my way going home from college.

She comfirmed with me that whether I got my parcel yet, and asked me to check my mail box.

Thanks ya~ ^^ Hehe*

Otherwise, I innocently don't know I still have to wait for how long to get my thing. -.-'

Although I can't go to post office and collect it tomorrow due to I've to go to Alor Setar, I'll ask my mummy to help me collect it. ^^

I'm really very excited to see the shoes bag which is handmade by Ger originally. XD

♥ A Plenitude Day ♥

08 June

I just attended 1 class which was at 9am to 11am for today only~!

I did not truancy; teacher was the one who took leave..... =p

In fact, if the 2nd class cancelled, we had Business Statistic 2 (BS 2) at 3.30pm.

However, we had already announced that there was no class for today by our BS 2 teacher last Thursday.

Therefore, I reached home exactly 12pm today. ^^

Then, I did my Personnel Management Assignment until 4.15pm.

After that, I went to attend ballet class at 5pm to 6.30pm.

When I reached home, I faster went to take bath, and I headed to Sunway Carnival with my mummy to meet her friend there~

We had our dinner at Sushi King before shopping. ^^

My mummy bought 2 tops and I bought 1 skirt

At 10pm, we left there and drove home~

Today's schedule was quite busy, but I felt like I had a plenitude day ♥♥♥

Family Outing

In fact, we went to Penang just wanted to eat Thai Buffet in Prontip Thai Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. yesterday.

But then, my mummy required for shopping after that, and we went to Gurney Plaza. ^^

It's not an ice-cream; it's a healthy dessert - yogurt

I like taste sour, so I like it ^^ yummy*

The reasons that we should eat frozen yogurt. lol*

Me, mummy and my younger sister.

My elder sister complained about we went out but we didn't invited her. =x

She internships in KL now, how do we invite her. >.<

We had HOT & roll ® before went to cinema~

We were waiting for food.......and, my mummy was going to feed me on that time but I didn't realize it. =p

Because I was taking this photo on the above. lol*

Finally, we got our food and drinks. hehe*

I like my "Chappati Chicken Sausage" and my sister's "Paratha Chicken Floss"

My mummy one was also not bad, it was just its taste quite usual. =x

When we finished our food and drink, it was the time for us to go in cinema.

We watched "Happy Go Lucky" and it's a nice movie. VV

The movie ended around 6.30pm.

We moved our car to Gurney Drive due to we were lazy to walk back to Gurney Plaza after eating there. haha*

However, we waited there for parking lot about half an hour also no one wanted to collect their cars. sigh*

It was almost 7pm, finally there was one family came and collected their car. ^^

We enjoyed our dinner at Gurney Drive's hawker stalls there and ate until very full, then we only drove home~ wahahahaha*

Daorae...yummy~ > Assignment 3

03 June

My friends and I went to Daorae - Korean BBQ Restaurant Penang today's lunch time. ^^

Miss Sharene said that next time we order BBQ set if we went there again. Lol~

Joanne and I

8 small dishes and 1 bowl of steam egg came with the main course ♥♥♥

They can also be refilled. VV

Of course, we did ask the waiter to refill for us. Wahaha~

It looks red but not spicy Thumb up*

Its taste is a bit like the pancake which made by my mummy. Nice~ ^^

Finished ^^

The dishes which were near my seat, they were very clean. =p

You already know what was happened, right?! *^.^*

The end - We went back to college.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Our group got full marks for Assignment 3 of Business Statistic 2~!!! XD

There were only 3 groups out of 16 got full marks.

When Sir returned the Assignment sheet for our group, he joked with us that we were so careless in terms of we didn't get full marks. -.-'

I got scare because I thought it was real~ zzz*

Lucky, that was not true. lol*

Then, I went to downstairs to buy ice-cream and ate. =p

Enjoyed~ And, our class dismissed at 6.15pm.

Hopefully our last assignment can score too. ^^