Whole Day Was Gone • Blogging

WHOLE DAY WAS GONE~!!! grrrrr*

Every Friday morning, I've to wake up earlier for my ballet classes in far far away from my house.

BM >>> Alor Setar *yawn*

Luckily I've no classes tomorrow because of Labour Day  hoooooraaaayyyyyy ^^


Actually, it was counted as my fault >.<

After working, I reached home around 5pm.

Finished clean up everything, I sit in front of my pc till now doing nothing -.-'

Due to I keep on editing my blog.

Obviously, there is no change at all, right!? sad*

Plus, my line is not that good recently.

It keeps on and off, and it is blinking all the time, esp. it rains cat and dog. HATE*

In fact, I wanna ask who know how to add calender and time gadget? o.0?

The url which I'm using : http://yummi11.pixnet.net/blog/post/23012455

Although I've been followed the instruction which is given there, it still can't appear in my blog page. >.<

If who knew how to use it, please teach me~

I really need your help~!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll feel appreciate it. Thanks in advance~!!! ^^

❤ ❤❤ ❤

28 April

In College; After the class of Research Methodology.
Joanne said that I was talking to the wall.
Haha~ lmao*

In fact, I was talking on phone with eve. =p
Ning Wei, "Why you walked so fast away from the camera shot?"