Happy 22nd B'day ♥

Happy Birthday, Ger~! ^^

10     10     10

Hope you same as this number 十全十美~! XD

May all your dreams come true and have a great great day ♥♥♥

Taken from Ginger ^^

HOT~ Hot~ hot~!

Very hot..

Super hot..

Extremely hot~

It was really.....HOT HOT HOT~! >.<

Today, my ballet studio started from 11a.m. till 4p.m. was out of electricity.

Can you imagine dancing is already made us sweat, and now there were no fans or air-conditions some more~ -.-

In addition, it was lack of light..the feeling was totally in negative~! >.<

All my students' leotards were in sweat, they were like just came out from the bathroom. Lol*

Nothing much..just want to whine~! =p

❤ ❤❤ ❤

02 October

Before went to my major exam ^^

Hair has to tie up neatly. Can see lot of gel on my hair right!? =p


❤ ❤❤ ❤

My New House

 While waiting for my mummy ^^

One part of my living room

I like this super pink shoes XD

Ballet Major Exam 2/10

Tomorrow 2/10 is my ballet major exam in Ipoh ballet center.

Although I know I've to enjoy it, I'm so scared now~! >.<

Because I didn't go for the rehearsal which I was on the way back from Taipei trip. =x

I heard my friend said that the pianist played very fast when the rehearsal.

Or..maybe they had to finish up all the exercises and dance for 2 levels at the same time, so they had to hurry up.

Don't know?!

Hopefully tomorrow everything's fine, and I dance all the exercise and dance smoothly and well perform ♥ XD

*** Pray ***