Sushi Making ♥♥♥

Eve and I planned to make sushi yesterday night after working. ^^ But, both of us don't know how to cook rice.

Therefore, her mummy helped us to cook. Lol*

Let the frozen crab meat soften.

We followed the instruction that taught by the seller (don't know how to make sushi, still want to make =x), which mix 2 to 3 spoons of vinegar with half packet of powdered sushi mix and stir it.

However, we wasted about 1 hour plus to adjust the taste, and we still couldn't get the taste that we wanted. >.<

At last, we tried to mix up some sugar, and we got the taste FINALLY~ XD

We let the rice cool first, then poured the seasoning into the rice and stired it.

I placed the laver on the sushi rolling mat and put some rice on top of the laver.

After put the crab meat, then only rolled it by using the sushi rolling mat. ^^

My mummy helped us to cut the sushi rolls into small pieces because out cutting was not that nice. hehe*

Dang..dang..dang..dang~ We've done it~!!! XD

This was the first time we made sushi, so the sushi looks not that nice. =p


Its taste is not bad~!!! Haha*

And, there were no more lavers to wrap the rice and crab meats, therefore, we kneaded the rice into elliptical shape and put the crab meat on top of it. ^^
My mummy and I went to take our dinner in 600cc yesterday. ^^

Frog Lays Eggs

Fried snacks and Dumpling


Fried Little Crab

After that, we went to watch this movie, The Fantastic Water Babes.

It is a funny and quite nonsence movie. Lol*

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Today, I woke up quite early, when it was 8.30am.

Because I had an appointment with the car sales representative.

I've booked car last Thursday, and today I just need to bring my document to him and go through some procedures only.

Now, I just have to wait for the car only~ ^^

The Girl In The Glass

No more studying and I had to wait until evening only had my ballet class yesterday.

Therefore, I decided to buy a book or whatever and read to pass my time.

And, I went to Popular and searched for the book that I wanted before attended my class.

Then, I found this book with the title, The Girl In The Glass by Jeffrey Ford, and I read through its outline.

Its story is interesting and makes me feel like wanna read more and more. Lol*

So, I bought it to home. XD

Briefly share the outline with you all~ ^^ (I've no finished it yet =p)

"Diego, a seventeen-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant, owes his salvation to master grifter Thomas Schell. Together with the Schell's gruff and powerful partner, they sail comfortably through hard times, scamming New York's grieving rich with elaborate, ingeniously staged seances until an impossible occurance changes everything.

At once a hypnotically compelling mystery and a stunningly evocative portrait of Despression, era New York, The Girl In The Glass is a masterly literary adventure from a writer of exemplary vision and skill."

This novel is the Chinese version of The Girl In The Glass.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Friday Ning Joe's 20th Celebration

I took some pictures while waiting for Eve to come and fetch me. ^^

I wore the candy earing which is given by Ger that night

I introduced Eve to celebrate Ning Joe's 20th Birthday in Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant.

Eve and I

Birthday Girl, Ning Joe and I

Athlynn and I

Vien and I I like this picture very much~ XD

Kimchi steamboat

I've forgotten either it's pork or chicken  Haha*

Customers over there, all "self-service". But, the waiter helped us to roast the meat.

And also the steamboat. =p

I asked a waiter to help us and take photo. He kept on repeating said, "1..2..3..". Then, this is the result. But, it's very natural. LOL*

5 of us took this picture after meal.

Happy 20 Birthday, Ning Joe ^^ Big girl already~ =p

After the celebration, we went to McDonald, Greenlane chit-chatted a while, then only went home. ^^

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Saturday Driving, Eating & Watching

Because of Taiwan Dollar exchange rate, Eve and I went to ask for 5 places of money changers. =x

Both of us started from the money changer which is located in front of Pizza Hut, BM > Jusco, Bandar Perda > Inside and outside of Pacific, Butterworth > Sunway Carnival Mall. Lol*

At last, we found that Jusco one was the most worth for us. =p

Then, we left Sunway Carnival Mall after purchased movie ticket, and went to Jusco again. (Crazy right?! Hehe*)

We total were used RM1979.20 to change Taiwan Dollar 19,000. Phew*

We'll change again few weeks later. See whether the exchange rate will be gone up or not. ^^

Eve and I went to Chai Leng Park to have our dinner after that.

And, I introduced Eve to eat the apong over there. She loves them very much especially the crispy one. =p

Then, I drove to Sunway Carnival Mall straight away to enjoy the movie which is called Triple Tap with the actors, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. ^^

This movie is nice and both of them look very cool in Triple Tap.

You all can go and watch it

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Sunday Shopping

My mummy invited me to go shopping after I finished my class yesterday.

Both of us went to Queensbay Mall to have our dinner, which was steamboat before shopping. ^^

We went for few outlets to find my sport pants for ballet teaching.

They looked nice but all of them were too long for me. >.<

When we passed by Hush Puppies outlet, I only recalled that Hush Puppies sells lots colour of sport pants.

And, I have bought 2 sport pants in dark red and white colour.

In fact, I wanted to buy one in black colour also, but it was out of size S. grrr*

And then, we passed by Esprit, my mummy bought one cloth for each of us. =p

Therefore, yesterday I was quite "bumper". Haha*

End of College Life • Free

I've finished the last paper for my final exam~!!!

My college life's  ended from today~!!!

I'm free now~!!! ^^

Today was my last day in college as I'd mentioned yesterday.

Today's paper, Personnel Management, was super duple triple easy, especially the MCQ part. XD

At first, I was rushing for my Section B which was the essay part without looking at the Section A's questions (MCQ) first.

Because I used to start with essay past first, and I thought that I had no enough time to complete the whole exam paper, since I'd to write quite lots of thing for 2 essays, and MCQ was consisted 50 questions.

I used 1hours 10minutes to complete 2 essays non-stop.

Then, when I flipped to Section A, I only realised that those questions were exactly same as the tutorials which given by our lecturer. =p

Yesterday, my friend and I were still hesitated that teacher'll give us different questions if we only studied the tutorial questions.

It made me felt so unbelievable~!!!

I only took less than 15 minutes to complete 50 MCQ. Lol*

Till now, I felt that I was still in heaven~!!!!! =x


Anyway, I've done well in all the subjects in this final exam, and I think I can get quite numbers of As, except E-commerce.

I think it'll be at the pass level only. >.<

I don't put too much expectation on this paper, however.

Because it was a quite tough paper.

At least, I can pass it, that's enough~ Lol*

Good Luck, all my friends~!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll miss you all, and keep in touch, my college funny friends~ ^^

Finally~ Last Day For Exam Tomorrow!!!

Sooooooooo Happiieeeeee Now~!!! XD

Tomorrow is my last subject, which is Personnel Management, for my final exam. ^^

I was really stress before and during the week of exam. -.-'

Although felt stressed, I hope that this final exam can be finished faster anxiously. >.<

FINALLY~ I've been left ONLY one subject Wahahaha*

I have finished my revision and everything, and I really can laugh loudly now! =p

I hope tomorrow exam can be done well, and wish for that~ ^^

I had 16 days lived without computer.

Today and the following days, I can continue to enjoy my life, and with computer again. Hehe*

Tomorrow after exam, I'm going to meet my dear friends ♥♥♥

Missed you all very much~!!!

❤ ❤❤ ❤

That day on the 6th of July, I went to buy a watch to reward myself with my mummy. ^^

And, she bought another watch again after 5 days. Lol*