Tao 道®

26 Jan

Yesterday, Eve and I treated Chern Yi(Edmund) to eat buffet dinner at Tao, Auto City, as thanks to be our Taiwan tour guide. ^^

Although we had treated him in Taiwan, we felt like not enough and sincere due to he kept on buying snaks for us to eat that time, and brought us here and there.

We reached there at 7 o'clock sharp, then we started to order food.

However, Chern Yi was really..... =x He ordered LOTs of food in once.

He said," I want D4, D16, D....."

D section already ordered 3 or 4 types. >.<

Our table suddenly was covered by food, and it had no spaces for us to put on~! =x

At last, we played game to finish all the food. LOL~

We ended our buffet dinner around 9p.m.

Three of us were really full, so we shopped one round at the stalls there.

It was still early for us, and we decided to watch movie.

However, the movie that we wanted to watch, the tickets were sold out.

Then, we wanted to sing K, but the price was bit higher than what we've expected.

Therefore, we went back obediently. >.<

Eve and I did crazy thing in MSN and FB. Lol~

It was really a BORINGGGG night after reached home~!!! -.-

"洪源" Lantern House in B.M.

25 Jan

Yesterday morning, my mummy and I went to "洪源", a shop which sells a lot of lanterns and other new year stuffs when Chinese New Year is coming soon. ^^

However, its main business is selling wedding supplies.

Due to my younger sister did work at this shop before, and my mummy knows the boss's father since she was maiden.

Therefore, we're very familiar. =p

When I reached his shop, he already asked me to take picture with him. Lol~

My mummy looks so cute in this picture. Haha*

Boss of "洪源"

After seeing these photos, I really got the feel of celebrating Chinese New Year~! XD

Thanks Kelvin Fong~!!! ^^

One Day Out 24/1

I'm bit lazy to blog these few days because I went out whole day and felt so tired.

Below are shown some pictures which took during this 'Penang trip' instead of lots of words. =p

Eve, Chern Yi and I

In fact, we planned to reach beach around 10a.m. However, Eve's daddy asked her to book flight tickets for him, and we reached there around 12p.m. =x

Three of us were super hungry and Chern Yi introduced us fried banana and fried sweet potato. But, I still like Berapit's ones the most. =p

They introduced me to eat steam rice which is located opposite of their previous hostel. The 'sambal' beside the fish is SUPER spicy~! >.<

After that, we went to Kek Lok Si due to both of them didn't go there for almost 9years. Lol*

Actually, after went to Kek Lok Si, we planned go to Penang Hill for high tea. Yet, they were having maintenance for the cable cars and renovation. Therefore, our high tea was gone~!!! -.-

Winter Warmers

Mixed Fruit Tea

Veggie and Egg Waffle Eve and I like the middle part which got cucumber and egg with sauce ^^


I've been coughing recently.

That day, Eve invited me went to sing K, I also rejected her.

Now, my cough is even worse. >.<

Due to the warehouse of Econsave, which is located in front of my ballet studio branch in Sungai Petani was on fire just now, and I'd smelt a lot of smoke.

During the last class, I heard "yi..wu..yi..wu~" non-stop, I thought there was an accident (I don't know how to differentiate either the sound is from ambulan,police car or fire engine =x).

After that, my nose was polluted by smelly smoke.

And, I looked out from the window, I only realised there was fire.

There was not only air pollution, but also sound pollution. >.<

The road was crowded of people and cars, and the noise forced me to increase my voice. -.-

My throat is very dry now and keep on coughing. -.-

I feel like it almost gonna sore throat.

But, no thanks, please~!!! >.<

I still got lot of classes tomorrow and Sunday also.

Edmund's 1st Day Gave to Eve and I~!

19 Jan

Edmund, which was Eve's and my Taiwan trip's tour guide, just came back from Taiwan yesterday night. =p

His 1st day was given to us for dim sum this morning. Haha*

Eve and I were so proud of it~!!!

After that, we went to watch HomeComing (笑着回家).

It's really laughed all the way home. Lol~

Sometimes, I'll still laugh alone when I recall the movie. =x

I don't want to mention much about it.

Who haven't watched it yet, this movie is really good and it's highly recommended for this Chinese New Year! ^^

My Day was FULL of EVE~!

17 Jan

Yesterday morning, I supposed to wake up at 7 early in the morning.

However, the day before yesterday I went to bed at midnight 4. =x

I couldn't wake up and slept until 8a.m, so I had to be done everything in half an hour.

Then, I fetched my mummy went to spray her car before met Eve for going to Penang.

I was late almost half an hour, and Eve's appoinment was at 10a.m!!!

We reached ASA 11.xx already. =x

SORRY, Eveeee~!

After she had done all her Australia's study stuff, both of us went to eat Nasi Kandar. =p

Aiseh~! First time eat Nasi Kandar with Eve, and she wanted 'kuah banyak banyak' (more sauce). LOL~

Before, she couldn't take spicy food..but now......as you read the sentence on the above. =p

She's influenced by ME~!!! Haha*

She gonna to miss Malaysian food, and me =p ..after she goes to Tasmania for sure. XD

After brunch, we started to shop for her bracelet as I've mentioned early.

We shopped for so many shops and 2 shopping malls, we couldn't get what we wanted.

They were either too expensive or not nice.

The last shop we went in was Poh Kong because our initial thought was the things that they sell are more expensive than others. lol*

Yet, they're selling at the reasonable price!? XD

Of course, I did buy a bracelet for her at last. ^^

And, we went to take neoprint after that.

Here are some of the neoprints. ^^

Both of us like this very much

Gong Xi Gong Xi~ XD Eve says this seems like Chinese New Year album. Lol~

Act cute~!!! Haha*

At night, after my advance class, I went out with Eve and Vien for taking Tom Yam as our supper.

My mummy, younger sister and her Pre-U friend also joined us too. Lol~

Streamyx & Air Asia Flight

After waiting for exactly 3 months, finally I'm using streamyx. ^^

This morning, my mummy woke me up and asked me went to take bath because later TM Net's worker would come to our house and fix for us.

I was so happy to hear that, then I quickly jumped down from my bed and went to clean up myself. XD

The Indian guy did everything for me nicely and taught me how to overcome the problem in case next time it happens.

He even helped me to fix my younger's sister computer's problem too. Lol~

He was a very good worker. *thumb up* =p

❤ ❤❤ ❤

I want go to Australia~!
Air Asia flight ticket is quite cheap in end of June, early of July and September.
They're under promotion, and they're around RM750 to RM850 only.
However, now I can't decide yet due to I need to ask for permission first before booking.
I hope the flight fee will be stable after one week time.
Or it'll be even decrease~! Lol*

Good Starting of 2011 ^^

7 Jan

Today was my first working day of year 2011. =p

I thought the students were not that good since we had 2weeks holiday break.

They were out of my expectation, there were just few of them forgot some parts of the exercises, though.

Therefore, I was enjoyed my first working day and had lots of fun with them. ^^

During my lunch time, when I made the payment of my mixed rice, the coins reminded me 2weeks ago before holiday I forgot to clear my 30cents payment.

Due to that time I didn’t have coin, then, the boss didn’t want to make exchange with me (although I saw there was many coins in her money bucket), and she asked me to pay her later after I got the coins from my ordered drink.

I agreed with that, however, I was old enough and forgot everything after my lunch. Lol~

I really thanks to the coins for reminding me, therefore, I only could pay it back to the boss.

But, when I told her that time, the boss also forgot about it already.

If not, I was so sorry for myself. -.-

All of my friends also know that I don't like to owe people money.

You all are allowed to owe me, but I'm not allowed myself to owe people. LOL~

I'm stupid enough, right?! HAHA~

But, no point~ This way only can let me have a good and nice sleep. =p

Clothes 'N Shoes from Thailand

My mummy was back from Thailand yesterday~! =p

I'm not alone anymore~! XD

She bought quite lots of clothes and shoes for me.

I like them very very very much ♥♥♥

Unfortunately, I've lost my phone's USB, therefore, I can't upload my photos here. -.-

Even my holiday's photos too~! zzz*

Holiday is over, I'll miss you for sure, however I know I need to adjust my mentality, life, etc. back to normal again. ^^

2yrs more for me to put effort on my study.

I know I can do it, therefore, I believe you can do it too, or even better~! ^^

Support you always...JIA YOU~!!! ^^

Over Time™

3 Jan

Yesterday morning, my mummy followed her friends went to Hatyai, so I'm alone at home until Wednesday night.

Luckily, Eve asked me to go out yesterday night instead of took my dinner by myself. =p

And, Eve was sooo good due to she treated me. XD Lol*

We went to Over Time, which is located at Auto City, and took our dinner.

When we walked in that time, I was quite curious that many guys' eyes put onto us.

While we were using our dinner, one of the waiter over there came and told us that there were 2 guys asked us to drink with them.

Jumbo Sausage


Tom Yam Fish ♥♥

It was really..OMG~!!!

Of course, we denied it, but I was still lifted up my glass to act as cheering with them politely. (My seat was facing them. -.-)

After that, Eve brought me went to see bags.

However, I didn't get the bag I wanted.

It was okay ^^ Because the boss told us that there are lots of new small bag will be coming after 2 days. =p

I saw one bag, which costs RM219, at another shop.

It was really expensive and not worth to buy it due to it was not branded, but I quite like it. -.-

Whatever~! There is one month left for me to buy as me CNY's bag.

Some more I need to save extra money to buy for Eve's 21st b'day present.

Although her b'day is on 9th of April, she is going to study in Australia on 16th of Feb.

Therefore, I need to buy the present before she goes.