SWEAT -.-'

I supposed to wake up at 7 early in the morning and reached the studio at 8.30a.m. Due to today was my student's Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam. However, I awoke from the dream was also about ballet stuff and it was 8.15a.m. >.< I was rushing up to tie and gel my hair neatly, and wore formal teaching wear for bringing my Pre-primary students into the exam room during their assessment. I was late about 15minutes from the actual time when I reached there.

YET, this was still not a big deal because the exam was started at 9.30 o'clock sharp. We just needed to reach there one hour early to help student to tie up their hair and so on. When it was 9.15a.m, my teacher, Miss Ang, phoned and told me immediately that today didn't have exam, actually. WHAT? NO EXAM TODAY??? Then, she continued to say that the RAD organizer, Miss Zafriah, had noticed wrong time for us. That was why when she reached hotel which the examiner, Miss Monica Truffi from Brazil stays at, she couldn't find her after asking from the reception counter. When my teacher confirmed with Miss Zafriah, she only told my teacher that Miss Truffi was already at another studio, so our exam will be started from this coming Wednesday to Friday, but not today. -.- I was really zzz~! How can the organizer does thing like this. Miss Zafriah said she did tell my teacher that another studio's pianist couldn't make it on 6th of April. But, who'll think that the exam dates will be changed since she just only said about that, she didn't even inform my teacher that the dates had to shift with another studio because of that reason (my teacher thought she'll re-arrange by themselves), .

It was really super funny! First time faced the problem which was announced wrong dates for international exam. It was not only that. We had to call the students' parents one by one to inform them that there are some changes about the exam date. There're 1xx candidates to take the exam. It's fine if the parents are understanding. But, some of them are really... -.-

One word for today and Miss Zafriah (I'm sorry to say about this, but you really make us big headache, especially my teacher), SWEAT~!!!


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