Vaccination Injection & TeoChew Penang Road Famous Cendol

Yesterday, I brought Minnie went to inject 2nd time vaccination. In fact, it was 20th of April. However, the vet went for holiday. Minnie was so good girl during the injection. ^^ When I walked out from the room after the injection, a white male poodle was so excited when he saw Minnie (there was also a brown female poodle), and he was struggling to escape from an uncle's arms. But, Minnie turned her head to looked other side like ignoring him. It was so funny. =p

After that, my mummy wanted go to Raja Uda to buy fin due to today she wants to cook fin for us to eat. ^^ Then, my mummy asked me wanna eat anything before attended my ballet class. And, she brought me go to branch of TeoChew Penang Road Cendol in Raja Uda.

It was the first time that my mummy and I went there because they just open not long ago. Its atmosphere and decoration are good. XD

 As the name is shown, its cendol is really very nice which I ever eat. (thumb up) Recommended*

Chee Chong Fan was nice too. But, if you want to order it, you should tell the waiter or waitress that less sauce, so that it is not that sweet.

Laksa ♥♥

I like restaurant that has call button.


nice9 said...

I read about this TeoChew Penang road is other blog too, but she says Penang Road one is better... Maybe should find a day to try up then only will know~ >.<

*Congrats on your convo (previous post)

RachRoy said...

Love your pics! Four Golden Princess still holds a special place in my heart even after so many years... Please reband sometime...

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