Graduation Ceremony & My L♥vely Minnie

Disted Graduation Ceremony 2011~

Some of my college friends which were also graduates on that day.

My mummy and elder sister attended the ceremony. My younger sister couldn't come back because she has been busying with her final exam recently.

Finally got the certificate after finish studied one year. ^^

Flowers and bears from my mummy and younger sister.

❤ ❤❤ ❤

Finally I brought my Minnie back on last Saturday after my graduation ceremony~! XD Of course, sometimes she is bit naughty, but she is still very cute and obedient. ^^ 

Today, when my mummy stepped out from the house, I told my mummy that if she followed her to walk out by herself, my mummy needed to stop her, it was just in case. Minnie didn't follow my mummy went out, maybe I played with her more, so she was waiting for me. However, after I walked out from the door, she still stood in the house and she was staring us, she was not dare to walk out by herself. ^^ She seemed like we did train her before but I never. LOL~ Then, I brought her out for basked in the sun in order increase her pigment. Due to Steven said that if she seldom sunbathes, her pigment will become less, then her nose will fade, or even her eyeballs will not be that black anymore.

Minnie is very clever too~! I've given her a towel to prevent her to catch cold at night. When she walks here and there in her kennel, the towel became very messy. She knows how to use her mouth and hands to make the towel back to almost original (give her applaud). ^^ I'm so proud of her. Haha~ Let share some Minnie's photos~

I name her as Minnie due to her body size is so mini! Lol~

It's taken by Steven Tan.!/kinzonu

"What's that?"



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