I did it!!! OMG? Noooo~ It's UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I just haven't brought her home yet. When I saw her at my first sight, I really love her already. XD She is sooo adorable~ I feel like want to bring her back anxiously, but now still can't. -.- I miss her soooooo much right now! >.< You all must be very curious what am I talking about. Yup, I'm talking about my little 10weeks maltese. ^^

Yesterday, I went to the pet shop which is located very near to my house, and inquired about maltese. The pet shop owner introduced me to a maltese breeder, Steven Tan, who is required for quality but not quantity. His house has 10 malteses, and they're really in a good condition. In fact, I did contacted him yesterday after I got his contact number from the pet shop owner. I asked for male maltese, but he doesn't have. Then, he said his friends got one which is 6weeks. After I saw the picture that he had shown me just now, and he did book a time for me to get a look for the male maltese with his friend on this Thursday. I was bit struggling but I still said okay and I drove back.

On my way back, I kept on thinking of my little maltese. When I almost reached home, I called Steven and told him that I decided not to meet his friend's one anymore. I wanted to get the female maltese from him straight away because I felt like my maltese is the best! Plus, she is the smallest size and cutest among her batch. I do really love her. ^^ Actually, I felt like wanna bring her back after the paid. However, I don't have kennel and everything, so I've decided to bring her back by this saturday after my graduation ceremony. ^^

It's really out of my expectation~ I never think that I can own a puppy. Some more, it comes sooo fast! XD I haven't told my mummy that I've bought her. I hope my mummy'll like her also ^^ Good Luck~

Kinzonu TCL Enterprise
Steven Tan (Maltese breeder)


boey said...

i can feel the excitement of urs~~~
i love puppy too~!!!

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