Again....To be continued.

This time is sharing my super simple recipe (it's also my dinner). XD

1. Organic noodle
2. Mushroom - 2
3. Small Gabbage - 1/4
4. Squid - 1/2
5. Onion - 1/2
6. Egg - 1
7. Oil - little

1. Vegetarian Oyster Oil - depend

1. Cook the noodle first, then wash it by using cool water in order to make it QQ. ^^

2. Cook the mushroom and squid until soft and cut into slices. Peel the cabbage and onion, and wash them cleanly before cut them. Due to sometimes there are worms inside the cabbage. >.<

3. Use vegetarian oyster oil is more healthy than normal oyster oil.

4. Put a little of oil to fry onion until bit golden yellowish, then add egg and stir it while waiting until it's cooked. After that, put the squid in to fry it until the smell comes out. After put the noodle, pour the vegetarian oyster oil and stir it to make the taste uniform. Last but not least, put the cabbage in (vegetable put at last because I don't want to make its vitamin gone), fry a while then yummy fried noodle with mushroom and squid is done. ^^


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